About Us

Interesting FX

Let us do the hard work for you

Interesting FX is a privately owned Australian company that has developed a proprietary Crypto Trading Software (Snazzy Trader) which is operated within a Crypto Managed Investment Fund. We also have investments in a variety of sectors as well as providing business development and automation services to our clients.


Why People

Choose Interesting FX

We have years of experience across a variety of industries including: Automation Development, Business Management, Crypto Currency Investment and Compliance. In addition we also have access to an extensive network of consultants that allow us to provide services in almost any industry.
Let IFX do the hard work for you.


Consultant Network

We work with you to determine you business needs and put you in touch with any required experts from our professional consultant network. If we don't already have someone that can do the work for you, we will do the hard work finding a high quality consultant to meet your specific requirements.


Multi Sector

We have experience working in or providing services for a large number of sectors including Engineering, AS and International Compliance, Manufacturing, Business Intelligence, Business Automation, OHS and many more


Custom Solutions

If you need a custom solution our in house developers and assist you in designing and creating a custom solution to meet your needs. This can include automated reporting suites up to entire programs. One example of this is the Automated Crypto Trading Software that IFX developed for automating crypto currency trading on online platforms based on our in house knowledge and algorithms.